Thirupattur – Brahmapureeswarar Temple

Arulmighu Brahmapureeswarar TempleTHIRUPATTUR -  621105

Type: Places of Worship, Temples

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Phone: 0431-23232323

Timings: 7am - 8pm


A new destiny awaits the visitor of Sri Brahmapureeswara Temple at Siruganur, Tirupattur. Though a Shiva temple, there is a six feet tall idol for Lord Brahmma sitting on a lotus flower in Padmasana. When devotees touch the Nandhi (the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva), a feeling of touching a real and live bull is experienced by them.
This is a temple which is believed to change the destiny of the worshipper. The destiny of Lord Brahma is believed to have changed by Lord Shiva. The Shotasalinga (with 16 stripes) worshipped by Lord Brahmma is placed in a separate hall in the temple. This is the place Lord Shiva relieved Brahmma of a curse. Another very important feature of this temple is the Jeeva samadhis of Saints Padhanjali and Vyakrapadhar.


Tirupattur is located 30 kms from Trichy enroute to Chennai on National Highway 45. It is 10 Kms from Samayapuram towards Chennai. After you cross Siruganur towards Chennai, take a detour on the left towards Tirupattur. The temple is 4 Kms from the detour on the highway.


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