Bommadimalai, Ammachatram Village, Narthamalai Po, KulathurOthersTrichy -  622101

Entry Fees: No

Type: Landmarks

Suitable for:All

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Narthamalai has some of the oldest structural stone temples, built by the Mutharaiyars. This temple has six large, skillfully carved statues of Lord Vishnu in the central hall. A 9th century Pallava cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva lies to the south, and in front of this is the Vijayalaya Choliswaran temple.
Vijayalaya was the first

of the later Cholas and as such, this Shiva temple is one of the earliest Chola creations. However, glimpse of artistic greatness that was still to come can be seen in the beautiful figures of the dancers in front of the vimana, the elegantly carved dwara-palakas and the figures of other Gods.

Activities to do:
  • Caves
  • Architecture
  • Sculptures
Amenities: Shops


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