Samayapuram Mariamman Festival

Every year three important festivals namely Poochoriyal, Pancha Prakaram and Brahmotsavam attract pilgrims to this temple. During Poochoriyal, flowers worth Rs.35, 000 to 50,000 are showered on the deity for 24 hours. Thousands of people from various castes and communities throng the temple, when Brahmotsavam is performed in the month of April. Devotees from Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka and other far-off place visits Samayapuram to fulfill their vows for the many benefits they received through her grace. Those who are unable to personally present their offerings, send it by post. Several worship services are offered throughout the day here. Offerings of salt, jaggery (brown sugar), lentils, jewelry are made by devotees. Annual festivals are celebrated during Thai Poosam, and in the tamil months of Pankuni and Chittirai. The last Sunday of Pankuni marks the commencement of the festival, while the chariot festival is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of Chittirai, and the float festival is celebrated a week later.


In Suriyur, Manama and a few villages around Tiruchy, during the Pongal festival, Bull catching (Jallikattu) is taking place on mostly Kanum Pongal days. SILLAMBATAM in ancient days is being used for defense and for good physic. In this district Chola vadiyar is familiar for this art. Almost every village is having training centers for this martial art. One grandmaster named Chola vadiyar at Tiruchirappalli, is giving good training in this martial art (photo)

Allur Jallathiru Vizha

In Puratasi Ammavasai, the woman of folk give the money and ask the potter to make new cow and calf for the pooja and collect them next month(same new moon day). Totally 9 days they will conduct pooja with chanting of religion songs for the cow and calf. 10 th day they will have Kollatam dance and will have procession with cow and calf at Allur on the banks of the river Cauvery submerging the same in the river. They will offer sweet Pongal and distribute to one and all the same type at Jallatharai, place at Madurai, Tirunelveli, Chinnamanur.