Rana Maternity Hospital

A10/156 Salai Road , Thillai NagarTrichyTrichy -  620018

Hospital Type: Maternity

Specialisation: Maternity

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Rana Maternity Hospital was started on an aucpicious day in the month of Nov 1978 with a clear motive to provide high standard of health care to all s sector of people regardless of race, religion and socioeconomic status. Over the past 31 years, this hospital has brought to life so many beautiful baby pearls which have blossomed into beautiful and healthy young generation.This hospital is being run by a very efficient and motivated team of doctors which including obstetrician, physician, cardiologist, highly trained medical staff and also well equipped with higher end instruments and gadgets.


With the following Specialised Clinics in our Hospital

• Rana Adolescent Clinic.

• Rana Infertility Clinic.

• Rana Menopausal Clinic.

• Rana well women Clinic.

• Pre Conceptional Counselling.

  • ECG
  • USG
  • Colposcopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Premature Baby Incubator.
  • Phototherapy unit for babies.
  • Foetal Monitor
  • Cardiac Monitor,ECG. Computer Lab
  • Echo with 3D scan
  • IUI Lab.
  • Cardialogical check-up
  • Tread Mill Test.
  • Family planning
  • Govt.approved permanent family planning center.
  • Govt approved scan center
  • Rana pharmacy(Drug control )
  • Govt.approved Pollution control certified by Govt.
  • Mini environmental waste disposable partner.
  • Partner in Janani Infertility Clinic.
  • Foreign Equipment Availability
Email: rana1978_hos@yahoo.com


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